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Industrial Folklore Tapes Vol.I - Instruments of Industry


- Ten-inch record in gatefold sleeve
- Twelve page full-colour booklet containing photographs, drawings & essay by Dr.Laura Mansfield.
- Limited edition of 250
- Released on Folklore Tapes, 2017

The exhibition, Instruments of Industry, comprised of an audio installation, musuem objects, drawings and blueprints of the working score was exhibited at Touchstones Art Gallery in 2016.

The 8 channel audio installation, Resounding Unit 6 , Row G, was composed as a series of eight movements, using over 500 individual sounds and frequencies captured from ‘ringing’ Touchstones Museum collection of hand tools. The audio composition is structured on the placement of the tools upon the shelves in the archive & explores resonance as a way of touching and conversing. Each of the 8 movements played at one time, generating, shifting placement & position during the course of the exhibition

The exhibition approached the tool as an extension of ourselves; our contact, relationship to and being in the world. It draws on the connection between the Museum’s collection of trade tools and their resting place, Thomas Robinson and Son’s, a former engineering works which now houses the archive. These prehensile tools have been elevated to museum objects, disembodied from the hands and minds that worked them, they remain at a distance, carefully preserved as an object of aesthetic and historic value.

Side A - Binaural recording of the 8 channel audio installation at Touchstones Museum and Art Gallery, Rochdale, UK. June 2016.

Side B - Library of recordings and cataloguing of Museum objects made in Touchstones off-site archive.

The audio installation from Instruments of Industry was released on Folkore Tapes in 2017

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